Nursery (0-2)

The Babies/ Toddler Room at Bumblebee provides children with a safe and nurturing environment where children will develop secure relationships with their educators and carers. We understand that babies need to follow a routine to help them settle quickly and feel safe and happy. We attempt to follow the regular routine which you have in place at home as closely as possible throughout the whole day. Babies are encouraged to learn through the program to progress across all areas of development.

There is on outdoor playground designed specifically for children under 3 years of age. This allows for space where babies and toddlers can calmly explore and play at their own rate in a safe and stimulating environment. There is a large verandah for hot, sunny or rainy days. We have our own shaded sandpit where play promotes physical and social skills, climbing frames and other equipment to promote large muscle development as well as smaller blocks and toys to promote small muscle manipulation. We also do art and craft to express our creativity.

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