Boosting Physical Activities for children

The largest global study to examine physical activity in children aged between two and five years old has found 66 per cent of children are not getting the nationally recommended three hours (180 minutes) of daily physical activity needed for optimal growth and development.

At Bumblebee we find it very important that all children get enough physical activity, this is embedded through our daily program through children’s play.  We ensure the children at bumblebee get enough physical activity each day by promoting outdoor and indoor experiences where they develop their gross motor skills and overall physical strength through fun and interactive experiences.

Some activities are:

  • Imitation and action games like “Simon says” and “whats the time Mr Wolf”
  • Treasure Hunts in the yard or sandpit
  • Hoops- swirling hoops on the body
  • Music and Dance can be explored so many different ways e.g. musical chairs, statues, free dancing, action songs and dance competions
  • Bubbles- what child doesn’t enjoy chasing a bubble around
  • Throw and catch games
  • Obstacle courses of all different challenges for each child
  • The Parachute- filling the centre with balls and the children lifting and wafting the chute is great to stretch and use the upper body

These are just some of the physical activities the children can engage in a fun way. If you would like to help boost your child’s physical activity as a family click on the link below to find some more great and fun ideas !

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