August 19, 2020

Early Years Online Safety Under 5’s

Online Safety for Under 5’s

Young children are online before we know it these days. They are playing with connected toys, tapping and swiping touch screens and choosing what they watch on streaming services, in their early years.

Being online has many benefits if monitored properly though there are risks. As parents and carers, online safety begins with you.

At Bumblebee we embed a no screen policy

Be safe

Set up devices safely with parental controls and ensure they are only used in communal areas where you can monitor your child’s use of the device. Talk to your child about the connected world and identify who are ‘safe people’ and what to do if they are contacted by strangers or people who pose a risk.

early years online safety

Teach your child about personal information e.g. name, date of birth and explain they should not share this information.

As parents it’s important to model good habits  in the early years around device use. Demonstrate that you can put your phone,ipad down and concentrate on your child and how you only devote small amounts of time to your devices.

Make good choices

Explore quality content together and encourage critical thinking. Get involved in their favourite program or game and ask why they like it.

How to balance screen time and tips for managing screen time
  • Use a timer: decide on the right amount of time and use a timer or on screen monitor.
  • Talk about a set amount of screen time: do this before your child starts watching
  • Help them transition to another activity: In the last 5 minutes of your child’s screen time sit and engage.
  • Agree on device-free times: talk together as a family about when everyone should put their devices down
  • Turn off devices an hour before bedtime: research shows it is important to have no screen time an hour before bed

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