November 5, 2020

Daycare & Preschool What are the Five Areas of Development?

At Bumblebee daycare & preschool we focus on the main five areas of child development through our daycare/preschool program that is founded on play based learning.

The five main developmental area’s that are part of our play based program are:

  • Physical Development: A growing child’s exposure to physical activities in the early years lay the foundation of a healthy life. Our daycare and preschool program is a structured program where we offer your children age appropriate activities. Such as running, hopping, throwing, catching, toilet training, cause and effect like pouring water and sensory activities.

All these activities further develop the physical and sensory development of your child. At Bumblebee our program focuses on activities that aid in building gross motor and fine motor skills.

In our  preschool, teachers engage children into activities with their friends like rolling dough, painting, and building blocks that refine motor skills along with other various activities.daycare & preschool 5 main areas of child development

  • Social Emotional Development: Our daycare and preschool provides opportunities for all children with a large spaces where the children can interact and build relationships. Through our play based program your child will develop the skills to self regulate. Respect others, learn to co-operate and share and learn how to express their emotions. 

  • Language Development: from birth till age 5 your child’s brain is developing rapidly as they develop communication, comprehension and speaking skills.         school-5-domains-of-child-development/ . At Bumblebee daycare and preschool your child will further build their vocabulary by learning and comprehending. Properly pronouncing body parts, animals, colors, hand gestures, emotions, events, common objects, and daily activities.

These skills are developed through experiences such a group times, direct teaching experiences with the children and socialising with their peers.

  • Approaches to Play and Learning: children differ in how they approach new tasks, difficult problems, or challenges. At Bumblebee our teachers use activities that will spark your child’s interest’s and create curiosity and attention. We will also work with children in an age appropriate manner so they learn how to focus and stay on a task and persist when challenged.
  • Cognitive Development: in early childhood refers to your child’s ability to develop thought processes, including remembering things, solving problems, and making decisions. Our teachers grow the children’s learning skills through problem solving and activities like puzzles and mix and match games.

Children learn more and more each day in their cognitive development through play and exploring different activities. Extending their minds and making decisions e.g. what do I want to play with right now ?.

At Bumblebee the teachers are developing the main five areas of development each day. We do this through various ways and intentional teaching practice.

Our learning journeys shows a brief look into what the children are engaged in throughout the week and how the teachers are supporting the children’s learning.

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