4 Years Old

The PreSchool Program introduces children to concepts of pre-writing, pre-maths, pre-science and pre-reading through a fully comprehensive program. The children have a choice between varieties of activities; this includes painting and manipulative activities such as playdough and threading. These activities develop fine motor skills, pre-writing skills, creativity and encourage role play.

Children participate in a physical fitness program, developing an understanding of how to keep their bodies healthy and develop skills with movement, balance and control. Children take part in professional music lessons twice a week where the Early Years Learning Framework is reflected in the outcomes planned for the weekly lessons.

Children look through books, complete puzzles and take part in construction activities. These activities encourage creativity, role play and strengthen hand and finger muscles.

Outside play includes a wide variety of activities. These include sandpit play, obstacle courses, ball skills, running and climbing, which encourages role play, social interactions and develops hand and eye coordination. The outside play allows for the children to interact with and play with children older and younger than themselves.

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