3 Years Old

Children are introduced to areas of cognitive development, stimulating thought processes and an introduction to PreSchool concepts of learning such as letter, number and name recognition. Numeracy and literacy teaching is included in the program on a daily basis and children experience learning these ideas through play and exploration. The play environment is set up to encourage social interactions and develop a variety of skills.

An example of activities includes classification and sorting, memory games, building and puzzles. These activities help with the development of problem solving skills and cognitive skills as well as introducing children to pre math concepts. Drawing activities involves using a variety of mediums; this will help with development of fine motor skills, pre-writing skills and to encourage creativity.

The directed learning group times and discussion experiences involves a variety of activities and learning practices, which relate to the educational outcomes reflected in the Early Years Learning Framework. These learning experiences are followed up with practical hands on experience indoors and outdoors, and encourage all children to participate at their own level. Children are encouraged to further develop their roles within play with teachers extending their learning at every opportunity as learning can take place anywhere.

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