2 Years Old

The children’s routine begins to follow a more established schedule. They learn to co-operate and play together with blocks, puzzles, books, and drawing, taking turns and sharing toys. Children sit at tables to eat together and teachers’ role model correct behaviours encouraging the use of manners and correct social skills at the table. Independence and choice is encouraged.

Children are introduced to group times where they experience language extension through music, dance and singing. Children will learn further about concepts such as the Alphabet, shapes and colour recognition through many varied activities.

Children apply new theories in their learning through art and craft and through carefully planned play experiences where teachers can lead them into new discoveries. Children play with playdough and drawing activities – promoting fine motor skills and manipulative skills, painting activities to express creativity, block play to develop co-operation and sharing skills and dramatic play such as the dolls and dress ups to encourage language and social skills.

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