5 Years Old

In our Prep Development class, children are given practice and time to refine skills which will ensure they are ready to start Primary School. They begin to focus intensively on social and emotional skills as well as cognitive development to ensure they will be competent and well rounded learners in the classroom. This program includes the usual preschool program but has a greater emphasis on:

  • Self Esteem Activities ~ giving children confidence in a variety of scenario’s that may occur at school.
  • Problem Solving Activities ~ independence in solving daily problems that may arise.
  • Reading Skills ~ sequencing events, visual discrimination games, matching letters.
  • Maths Skills ~ sorting, predicting, classifying, grouping, concepts of size, weight, height, order, time etc.
  • Writing ~ developing hand muscle control and strength through manipulation type activities, direction and print orientation.

Portfolio’s are used to record all completed work and for children to take on to their Primary School. We provide a parent information night to ensure you have all the information necessary to assist your child in this preparation. The Pre School teachers work closely with many of the local Primary Schools to ensure all the children’s needs are met for a smooth transition to School.

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